Inside Out Design Company

Inside Out Design Company Limited was established in 1998 as a professional consultant firm in landscape architecture, urban design and planning.

The firm has successfully serviced in a variety of project types from private to public scales. The projects include private residences, condominiums, housings, office buildings, educational institutes, campus planning, resorts and hotels.

In the design process, the firm has not only emphasized on the creativity part, but also the researching part especially on the regional study and environmental impact analysis. The environmental and energy preservation are also the company mainly concern. The existing vegetations and natural resources are consciously preserved and reused enhancing the design. As a result, many of the works have been well known as creative and meaningful designs blended in with the environments and the regional background.

The company has also provided preliminary lighting design. The relevant specialists have been on our team including irrigation, water feature, pond, and swimming pool system designers providing additional services to our projects upon request.

Inside Out Design Company Limited has also started its architectural consultant service as part of the firm in 2006. The integration between architecture and landscape architecture has made the stronger team in design skills and experiences. The team is a cohesive organization of the well experienced professional staffs in difference backgrounds but works under the same principal which believe that the design is the interface between the inside out and the outside in.

Inside Out Design有限公司建立于1998年,是一家集建筑景观,城市设计和规划于一体的专业建筑咨询公司。




Inside Out Design Copmay 有限公司于2006年开始从事于建筑顾问服务。致力于建筑与景观之间的有机整合,专业的公司团队的设计技能和丰富的实战经验是我们对客户信心的保证。虽然公司成员们的背景各自不同,但是我们都有着相同原则和方向,丰富的设计经验,在工作上我们互相帮助,密切合作。